An Interview with CarePacks Co-Founder, Rick Donohue

CarePacks Helping Thousands of Deployed Service Members

Cofounded by Harrington Bros.’ former VP Rick Donohue over 18 years ago, CarePacks is an all-volunteer organization supported by BTEA Northeast and many others. Donohue is a BTEA Northeast and SMACNA Boston member.  Each year, thousands of care packages for U.S. soldiers serving worldwide are created, funded and sent by CarePacks, Inc. in Weymouth, MA. In fact, CarePacks, Inc. has shipped over 30,000 care packs to soldiers since 2004!

Providing Deployed Troops With Care from Back Home

CarePacks, Inc. is dedicated to sending care packages to the U.S. deployed troops to improve their morale, mental health, and quality of life–and “remind them they are remembered by the people back home.”  The care packs contain necessities, comfort items and a letter from a child to provide service members a “personal connection to someone back in the United States.”

A Veteran at Home Helping Soldiers Abroad

Rick Donohue, a Vietnam Era Veteran, began the program to help our heroes with one package he sent to his son-in-law who was serving in Iraq.  That package quickly snowballed into a full-fledged operation when others wanted to follow suit–sending thousands of care packages each year. Donohue, who “always wanted to help fellow vets” said his service time is what inspired him to give soldiers the extra support. Additionally, CarePacks has also focused on providing aid to the Ukrainian people since Russia invaded.

Helping Through BTEA Northeast

Donohue began collaborating with BTEA Northeast via Thomas J. Gunning, when he was the Executive Director, and “ever since, BTEA has provided massive support, both financially and through volunteering.” Current Executive Director, Thomas S. Gunning (Thomas J.’s son) and Donahue work closely together.

The CarePacks Annual Golf Tournament to be held on August 1, 2022, provides much-needed monetary funding to help CarePacks continue its impressive growth and mission.

This organization relies completely on volunteers and charitable donations so they need your help to continue.

Additionally, covering hefty shipping costs abroad uses the bulk of CarePacks’ funds. CarePacks recently informed donors that the cost of shipping has increased tremendously, putting more strain on the organization.

Donohue welcomes receiving the names and addresses of active duty service members to send packages to.

We strive to always honor and help our service members, and the Fourth of July is a pertinent reminder to help support them through CarePacks. Item donations are always welcome (visit CarePacks’ site to learn more). Volunteering for packaging is temporarily closed due to Covid, but Donohue said it will likely reopen soon.

Please email for more information and to get involved. You are highly encouraged to let us know of anyone eligible to receive a care package.