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The Problem Facing the Industry

The Opioid Crisis in the United States is a fast-growing epidemic that impacts over 21 million Americans. In 2021 the National Center for Health Statistics reported 100,000 Americans died of overdoses – the highest rate of overdoses ever recorded, surpassing the toll of gun violence and car accidents combined. The construction industry is the largest percentage of that statistic affected by substance use disorder. We are in the middle of a mental health crisis and its time we talk about it.


The most recent study by the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance indicates that 11.6% of construction industry workers admit to using illicit drugs and 14.3% admit to experiencing a substance use disorder within the past year. Working on a jobsite while impaired, whether legally or not, contributes to increased accident rates and the seriousness of those accidents. Further, substance use or a reliance on opioids to control injury-related pain continues to significantly impact construction workers overall well-being, home life and their job performance.

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Second Annual Building Trades National Recovery Week

Building Trades Recovery Week is a national public information, awareness and action campaign that is designed to educate and provide hope to those who are still sick and suffering. According to recent CDC reports, the construction and extraction industries reported the highest rates of overdoses and suicides compared to any other field, nearly twice the rate of any other occupations.

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