Growing and Developing Supervisors

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Newton Marriott
2345 Commonwealth Avenue
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Management is a critical part of the job and it is imperative that managers understand the impact of their managerial style. That is why this presentation uses real-world examples that have been used to train over 10,000 supervisors. With a keen focus on transition to management, problem-solving, and ending communication conflict, this course will empower those in management positions to lead for success.

  • Learn to identify employees with managerial potential

  • Develop supervisors using real-world examples

  • Explore how team communication impacts both supervisors and their employees’ effectiveness


Kevin DoughertyAuthor, Lecturer, and Consultant

Kevin Dougherty has been speaking to the construction industry for over 30 years, including presentations for the MCAA, MSCA, the UA, and other trade associations. His work and education experience enable him to relate to today’s problems and provide tangible solutions in an easy-to-listen-to style. Dougherty’s ability to entertain audiences and hold their interest while getting his message across consistently makes him one of the industry’s top speaking and training talents.

Kevin Dougherty