The Northeast’s Leading Association for Union Building Trades Contractors

We encompass nine area trade associations that employ tradespeople from 15 building trades, and our labor committees negotiate with over 70 different local unions in the Northeast region.

For the past century, BTEA Northeast has made a substantial impact on the union construction industry. Our members have enjoyed a productive working relationship with the various trade unions and national associations with whom we work with on a daily basis. Our goal is to maintain a collaborative environment in which contractors and unions can work together to build the Northeast’s most complex projects, all while creating rewarding careers and serving the communities in which we build.

The Industry’s Leading Education Programming

Our members are lifelong learners, and we are committed to providing them with the tools they need to succeed. BTEA Northeast’s education and training program has been completely reimagined over the past two years, and we are introducing the BTEA Educational Trust as the umbrella organization, providing member associations and union contractors with intensive skills training and professional development.

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We Build Partnerships and Professional Opportunities

We maintain strong relationships between labor and management. Through organizing and supporting joint safety programs, informational seminars, training programs and other networking opportunities we foster beneficial partnerships and business relationships within the union construction industry.

As trustees on several joint apprenticeship and training committees, BTEA Northeast assists our members in recruiting the most qualified and high-performing men and women needed to meet and support the safety and quality standards of our industry.

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Be a Part of BTEA’s Expansive Network of Union Contractors

As a member of BTEA Northeast, your company will have opportunities to forge new partnerships through business networking, enroll in continued education and training courses, advocate on planning and development initiatives, take part in industry-wide initiatives, among many other opportunities.

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