Becoming a Master with People

Wednesday |

Quincy Marriott
1000 Marriott Drive
Quincy, MA 02169


Anyone can have a conversation with another person, but few understand how to navigate another person’s mindset. Contractors are no stranger to the different mindsets of clients, prospects and team-members. When your team can identify the mindset of another person and in turn give that person what they want and need in any situation, great things can happen. In this interactive, high-level communication course, attendees will learn tips, tricks and tactics to navigate difficult people and situations while building long term relationships with those you serve on a daily basis.

  • Learn the benefits of understanding other’s mindsets both inside and outside of your organization

  • Understand how to interact with difficult people and establish positive relationships

  • Explore steps you can take to improve you own soft skills to achieve short- and long-term goals


Nic BittleFounder, Work Force Pro

Nic Bittle works with contractors to prepare and develop their workforce to lead with impact, act like a pro and perform their best every day. An author, consultant, and one of the industry’s most engaging speakers, Bittle shares his personal business stories and highlights the valuable insights that he has learned from the thousands of foremen, journeymen, and apprentices he has worked with across North America.

Nic Bittle