Exec Ed: Ownership Transfer & Management Succession

Monday |



This course is a one-day program focused on the most essential components of succession planning. The seminar will focus on two prominent themes:

Ownership transfer and management succession:  will focus on the most feasible means to transition the actual ownership of an entity. This could include internally to employees, family or via sale to a third-party, while maximizing financial proceeds and providing opportunities for the next generation.

Management succession:  will include a focus on evaluating, developing, and training the next generation. Alongside these two primary factors, we will address governance, compensation, and other factors that are critical to the business continuity process.

Overall, the aim of this seminar is for participants to understand the continuity process, the options open, and how best to view the future. Ultimately, we want people to feel armed with a framework tailored to their needs.

Bonus: In addition to the one-day seminar, FMI can provide one-on-one sessions to discuss and advise participants regarding their specific situation. These sessions can be hosted remotely and coordinated before or after the seminar which can often better prepare participants to create a long-term, successful ownership transition and/or management succession plan.


Matt Godwin Managing Director, FMI

Matt Godwin leads FMI’s Financial Advisory Services practice, which is focused on ownership transfer planning, business continuity and valuation work, primarily for engineering and construction firms. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and capital markets industry, with a breadth of transition and valuation experience.

After beginning his career in public accounting at Arthur Andersen, Matt has largely spent his career in the financial services sector, previously working with FMI Capital Advisors and Wells Fargo Bank. Prior to joining FMI, Matt focused on the commercial and corporate banking industry at Wells Fargo, providing capital to growth stage companies through large corporate entities.