Labor Relations Workshop

Thursday |

Westin Waltham
70 3rd Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451


There is almost always some level of division between the field and the office, but there doesn’t have to be. When we work together as a team, great things can happen. In this course, attendees will walk through steps and ideas that will improve communication and relationships with their field leaders. It’s natural to try to go our separate ways on and off the job, but when we can all begin to pull on the same end of the rope, performance and productivity increase.

  • Understand the challenges of communication from both office and field perspectives
  • Identify and discuss key communication topics required by field and office staff
  • Create processes to strengthen the relationship between Project Managers and Field Foremen


Nic BittleFounder, Work Force Pro

Nic Bittle works with contractors to prepare and develop their workforce to lead with impact, act like a pro and perform their best every day. An author, consultant, and one of the industry’s most engaging speakers, Bittle shares his personal business stories and highlights the valuable insights that he has learned from the thousands of foremen, journeymen, and apprentices he has worked with across North America.

Nic Bittle